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PSM 165 - Capillary Flow Pore Size Meter

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The unique Pore Size Meter PSM 165 provides pore size information for a wide range of porous materials with applications in the field of filtration, hygiene and tissue engineering. Materials that may be tested include filter papers, micro sieves, non-woven as well as woven materials and sintered polymers or metals. The operator of the pore size analyzer is guided through the test procedure by an easy to use software package PSMWin running on a standard PC.


  • High accuracy especially for pores > 10 microns, particularly relevant for non-woven fabrics and open-pore samples
  • Open concept for sample holder, manual bubble point measurement is possible, which is necessary for particularly dense samples
  • Custom sample holder adapted for the measurement of various test specimens


  • Barrier effect and germ retention of textiles – multifilament woven
  • Hygiene – capillary effect and suction power of absorbers of sanitary products
  • Injection printing – capillary effect and typeface of print-out paper
  • Cell cultivation – specific inner surface of carrier materials
  • Filter materials – pressure loss characteristics and fractional efficienc
  • Development of porous materials
  • Quality Control, Incoming goods inspection


  • Topor – test liquid for pore size measurements with pore size analyzer (quantities: 0.5 l, 1 l)


  • The basic principle of pore size measurements is that liquid filled pores will become gas permeable at a certain gas flow pressure. This initial differential pressure indicates the bubble point of a material.
  • As real materials contain a range of pore sizes, the bubble point corresponds to the opening pressure of the largest pore. The measured pressure value is dependent on the surface tension of the test fluid used.
  • By further increasing the gas flow rate, and therefore the pressure drop across the material under test, it is possible to calculate a pore size distribution from these two measured parameters.
  • The applied measuring principle is in close accordance with ASTM E 1294-89 and ASTM F 316-03 standards. In addition to test liquid Topor, measurements can be carried out with a range of other test liquids. To achieve reliable results the surface tension of the test fluid must be known and a sufficient wetting of the test sample has to be guaranteed.


  • Measuring range:    
  • PSM 165/U (3.5-1000 mbar): 0.5…130 µm (Topor)
  • PSM 165/L (0.2-350 mbar): 1.3…250 µm (Topor)
  • PSM 165/H (3.5-2000 mbar): 0.25…130 µm (Topor)
  • Sample adapters: 6 mm, 11 mm, 16 mm, 23 mm (exchangeable)*
  • Sample dimensions: Diameter: 10…40 mm; Sample thickness:0…15 mm
  • Flow rate: 3.6 l/h…4200 l/h; 0,06 … 70 l/min
  • Type: Desktop device with standard RS 232 interface and Windows data acquisition as well as control software PSMWin
  • Compressed air supply: 4 bar; 5 Nm³/h
  • Power supply: 110…230 V AC
  • Size: 480 x 390 x 310 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg

*) other customized adapters on demand

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PSM 165 - Capillary Flow Pore Size Meter PSM 165 - Capillary Flow Pore Size Meter
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