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USS 791 - US-Sedimentometer

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The Sedimentometer USS 791 characterises the graining of electro-corundum and silicon carbide by means of sedimentation analysis. The operating principle is based on an internationally recognised standard method. The measurements result in parameters of the particle size distribution of the material in micrograins: ISO 8486-2 and FEPA-standards 43-2.

The data logging is fully automated. A light barrier system automatically follows the altering height of material in the collection tube. This increase over time is evaluated and converted to a particle size distribution with the included software by applying Stokes’ Law. The data are initially stored in an internal memory and can then be downloaded with an external computer. The output of the data is in file format or in a brief report.

All parts of the sedimentometers are made in the glass workshop at Topas. User defined modifcations and spare parts are possible without any problems. Further application fields of the device are quality assurance, science and education.


  • Sedimentation analysis acc. to ISO 8486-2, ISO 6344-3, FEPA 43-2 and FEPA 42-2
  • Fully automated analysis with minimal operator input
  • User friendly control software USSWin enables visualisation, processing and storing of measured data
  • Instrument has standard serial interfaces


  • For characterisation of particle properties of electro-corundum and silicon carbide: to determine particle size distributions of these materials.
  • This method is part of the FEPA-Standard 43, which defines properties for electro-corundum and silicon carbide in coated abrasives, part 2 testing of P240 to P2500
  • And also the FEPA-Standards 42 for conventional abrasives, part 2 testing of F230 to F1200
  • Sedimentation analyses in other areas of quality assurance
  • Research institutes and universities


  • The US-Sedimentometer USS 791 applies the sedimentation principle in suspensions to determine the particle size distribution of samples. The correlation between particle size and sedimentation rate due to gravity allows an accurate assessment. The sedimentation rate is also influenced by the specific gravity, the particle shape and the density and viscosity of the suspension. All of these values must be available in order to get accurate results.
  • The operating principle is based on measuring the time in which certain quantities of sample accumulate in a calibrated tube. The particle size distribution is then calculated by applying Stokes’ law.


  • Particle size range: Dependent on material properties, e.g. 4-150µm
  • Sedimentation height: 1000 mm
  • Sedimentation substance: e. g. Methanol
  • Fill volume of sedimentation tube: approx. 290 ml
  • Fill volume of thermo jacket: approx. 3l
  • Light source: Laser diode, 5 mW, l=650nm
  • Micro processor: MC68HC812A4 (Motorola)
  • Communication interface: RS 232C, fix protocol, 38.4kBaud
  • Power supply: 100…240VAC, 47…63Hz
  • Dimension: 560 mm x 560 mm x 1500 mm
  • Weight (empty): 24 kg
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USS 791 - US-Sedimentometer USS 791 - US-Sedimentometer
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