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SAG 420 - Gravimetric dosing acc. to ISO 5011

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The Dust Feeder / Dust Disperser SAG 420 is a device for generating solid aerosols by transforming a powdered solid into the air-floating state and has a very large dosing range.

  • dosing continuity of different dusts over a long period of time
  • under operating conditions easy refillable
  • mass flow control by weigh scale option

In applications where air-floating particles are required such as testing of the separation performance of filter media an aerosol with certain, well-defined characteristic features and stability over a period of time is to be used. If the aerosol is produced from a certain powder the characteristic features of the generated dust will be determined by the powder. Additional characteristic features of the aerosol are achieved by transferring the powder into the air-floating state. The process is divided into two parts: the continuous dosing of the powder mass flow and the dispersing (thinning out) of the powder preferably down to the primary particle size of the material.


  • Dosing continuity of different dusts over a long period of time
  • Filling during operation possible
  • Mass flow control by weigh scale option
  • Easy and comfortable device control
  • Flexible applicable
  • For filter tests regarding ISO 5011


  • Charging of filters, filter media and separators with dust
  • Generation of dust to determine the fractional as well as the total separation efficiency
  • Visualization of air streams


  • Tripod holder
  • Hopper without dispersion nozzle to collect dosed dust – can be attached for weighing the dust and calibrating the device
  • Weigh option: optional scale available for mass flow control with a precision of 0.2 g/min that ensures exact feed over long periods of time, the generator is mounted on the scale in a vertically adjustable stand with housing
  • Eelctrostatic Aerosol Neutralizer EAN 581 for discharging of the charged test dust


  • The dust feeder SAG 420 combines the two processes of dosing and dispersing in one unit and ensures the generation of a well-defined, stable aerosol over a certain period of time.
  • The operating principle is based on the adjustable and defined addition of fine solids from a holding vessel via a dosing belt to a dispersion nozzle, analogous to directive VDI 3491-8 . In the nozzle the fine dispersion is achieved by means of a compressed gas, preferably air.
  • The solid material is conveyed using a feeding screw and is then captured in a feeding hopper which leads to the dispersion nozzle. The latter operates according to the injector principle. The propellant (compressed air) causes a defined volume flow and the solid material contained in it will be dispersed by the shearing forces of the turbulent gas stream. The generated aerosol is then available at the outlet of the nozzle.


  • Dustnot to be used: max. particle size 200 µm, abrasive , sticky, aggressive, toxic, biologically active materials
  • Dosing range: 0.1  g/min – 200 g/min (assuming a bulk density of 1 g/cm³)
  • Max. capacity: approx. 2 kg (assuming a bulk density of 1g/cm³)
  • Range of volume flow: approx. 3…18 m³/h
  • Nonstop operation: 20h at 100 g/h*
  • Compressed air supply: max. 8 bar
  • Power supply: 110…240 V AC, 50…60 Hz
  • Dimensions in mm: SAG 420 (with hopper and dispersion nozzle)
  • Control unit: 400  x 450  x 150; 295  x 160  x 215
  • Weight: SAG 420 (with hopper and dispersion nozzle)
  • Control unit: 4.7 kg; 3.8 kg
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SAG 420 - Gravimetric dosing acc. to ISO 5011 SAG 420 - Gravimetric dosing acc. to ISO 5011
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