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ADD 536 - Aerosol Distribution and Dilution System

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The Aerosol Distribution and Dilution System ADD 536 was developed by Topas for protection grade measurement in operating rooms according to SWKI 99-3 and DIN 1946-4. It provides test aerosol generated by an aerosol generator (e.g. Topas ATM 226) at six different outlet ports with a defined source flow, especially for verification of hospital operating rooms.

Hospital operating rooms are specially designed to avoid contaminations and therefore additional infections of patients during operations. To assure a low level of particle contaminations a laminar air flow is applied to the operating table. To verify the retention efficiency of this flow regime a verification with a defined test aerosol is required according to the standards DIN 1946-4 and SWKI 99-3.  For that reason a total particle rate of 6.3·109 P/min has to be distributed to six different positions and emitted with a reliable long term stability. From the standards it is also required that this total particle rate is continuously monitored and controlled by a particle counter.

The Aerosol Ditribution and Dilution System meets all these required demands for providing a defined test aerosol with the following features:

  • Internal generation of a total nominal flow (free of particles) for supplying the six outlet ports
  • Homogeneous mixing of the test aerosol coming from an external aerosol generator with this total transportation flow
  • Internal adjustable aerosol dilution ratio for direct connection of a particle counter (e.g. Topas LAP 340) used for controlling a stable particle rate
  • Uniform aerosol distribution to six outlet ports


  • Designed to comply with the requirements of the German standard DIN 1946-4 and the Swiss guideline SWKI 99-3
  • Reliable particle generation rate with an excellent long term stability (particles/time)
  • Status information on dilution ratio and total flow rate integrated at the front


  • Protection grade measurement of operating rooms/theatres according to German DIN 1946-4 and Swiss SWKI 99-3 and VDI 2167 Part 1
  • Generation of test aerosols by providing a reliable, reproducible, long term constant, but concentration variable particle stream in connection with a high-concentration particle source e.g. for verification or calibration of particle counters (dilution series with PSL aerosols)


  • Necessary Accessories

    • Optical particle counter (flow rate: 0.1…1 cfm, lower detection limit >0.3 µm, e.g. Topas Cleanroom Particle Counter LAP 340, Lighthouse Solair)
    • Aerosol generator (flow rate <300 l/h, particle rate >6.3×109p/min, particle output adjustable, e.g. Topas Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 226)
  • Complementary Accessories

    • Software package OPQWin for automated data acquisition and printout protocoll as result according to current standards or guidelines of protection grade measurements
    • Software package PASWin for automated data acquisition and device control of optical particle counters


  • By an external particle counter continuously controlled particle production rate
  • Compact portable design, easy to setup
  • Internal generation of particle free transportation flow without requesting a compressed air source
  • Integrated, highly efficient aerosol dilution, with a wide range of adjustable dilution ratios with excellent reproducibility to be directly connected to particle counter
  • Electronically controlled and adjusted dilution ratio adapted to particle counter in use


  • Dilution Ratio: Adjustable to the used particle counter,  > 1:10000
  • Flow Rate of the Particle Counter: 28.3 l/min (1 cfm)
  • Flow Rate of the Aerosol Generator: max. 5 l/min
  • Internal Transportation Flow Rate: 100 l/min
  • Outlet Ports: 6 ports, diameter 65 mm
  • Power Supply: 230 V AC
  • Dimensions: 250 mm x 340 mm x 330 mm
  • Hose Connector: 10 mm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
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ADD 536 - Aerosol Distribution and Dilution System ADD 536 - Aerosol Distribution and Dilution System
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