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Series 250-AF

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Precision Machined, Solid Acrylic Plastic Gages, Accurate To ±1% Of Full Scale
Inclined Manometer Air Filter Gages are virtually unbreakable and free of distortion. Applications include air filter gage.
  • High accuracy and easy to use, making it a dependable device for many years of service
  • Easy to read polished inclined scale allows minute pressure differences to be read
  • No moving parts mean no calibration or nothing to wear out
Product Applications
  • Air filter gage
  • For Architects and Engineers
An air filter gage for measuring the resistance to air flow through the filters shall be installed, one for each bank of filters. The gage shall be of inclined tube differential type (equipped with vent valves for zeroing) shall be of solid acrylic plastic construction with built-in level vial (and over pressure safety traps 250 Series only), shall have an adjustable mirror-polished scale, shall be furnished complete with two 5-foot lengths 1/4" tubing, two static pressure tips, mounting hardware, additional bottle of red gage fluid and instructions.
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